drd exhaust.good or what?

ive got an oportunity to get a drd exhaust real cheap,is it any good and will it really make a difference?

They work and you can't beat them for the price.

If you can get it cheaper, all the better.

Anything is an improvement on the WR, the stock muffler is real crap.

Hey a friend of mine clued me in on the DR. D pipe. Doug Dubach who was a professional racer for years with yamaha is a major player in r and on the four strokes. He developed the pipe originally for the yamaha four strokes. Pipe has been featured in several mags and they actually tested doug Dubachs yamaha yzf 450 and every rider stated how huge the pipe incorporated the power of the engine from down low to high end max power gains. I was amazed on the low end grunt the DR. D pipe provided. Pipe sounds great and for the price I feel may be the best pipe out there for the price.

Also forgot to mention make sure you get the full system. It is a d style looped header pipe that just covers the top bolt of the oil filter, so getting to the oil filter does require you to not take the header pipe off but loosen from the cylinder and gently wiggle back and forth until you can just get your allen wrench to clear the pipe. But trust me you will not be disapointed.

I have a full system on my 2000 yzf and I absolutely love it. :thumbsup:

Yes, its the real deal. I have one on my YZ 450. It is great. Plus I got the quiet core and the spark arrestor. Low end power is awesome, pulls smooth power all the way thru.

i had one on my wr250, lots of power, LOTS of noise!

How loud are the doc-d I saw some guys this weekend at the national harescrambles who could not race because his was to loud 98dbs.Are they supposed to be 96 dbs pipes with the quiet core.

The very same DrD Pipe that you can buy has been making the Main (Well, atleast it did at Atlanta...Again!) on the #61 Clark Styles riden SoCal/DrD/Lucas Oil Yamaha this year!

Doug puts a lot of time in developing these pipes, himself.

He doesn't leave it to just "Dyno-Numbers".

He, and other riders, go to the track and test, over several different sessions...and...with several different pipes until they find the one they like best.

You wouldn't believe how much time, energy and MONEY he's spent just tryin' to develope the best Carbon Silencer that's available!

Doug has helped us develope better products for ALL of our customers...not just his own stuff; but, he helps me with other "Brands"...his "Competition". He's that involved and cares about the sport that much.

I've worked with a lot of people in this industry, and, over many years.

There's noone more dedicated and serious about being, making, selling and racing the "Best".


The header covers the oil filter bolt? Is there a different style header that doenst cover it?

The header covers the oil filter bolt? Is there a different style header that doenst cover it?

This sounds like a pain in the ass to have to half remove header at every oil change. :thumbsup: Is this really required? Does the DR. D header for 06 WR450 aslo cover oil filter?

Anyone out there run this combo?

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