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There And Back Again

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Well....I printed out the idiots guide to YZ timing my WR and did the deed in about an hour and a half. Real easy.

Kicked her over, and over, and over and over...... my bike WOULD NOT RUN !!! I know I did it right as I checked and rechecked the instructions and moved from 13 to 12 pins etc etc. It would start, run for a couple of seconds and die, if it would start at all.

Previously I had some problems starting the bike & idling since the weather turned cold and humid here so I guess the problem was jetting/mixture etc. I didn't think I was man enough to dive into the carburetor (that thing looks like it would eat my patience for breakfast) and start really f/%*ing things up so....I went back to WR timing.

Took me 35 minutes to change it back.

Started up first kick.

Went riding.


Some YZ Timing Change Tips...

1) If you can handle the jetting, the timing part is EASY.

2) The half moon thing that MIGHT 'fall' into the timing chain tunnel is RIGHT next to the edge of the chasm between the timing chain and the housing - its bigger than I expected and was looking for a little tiny half moon thing until I realised I was safe. In any case STUFF RAGS IN THE HOLES. I cannot imagine digging around in the tunnel for that thing, nig as it is !

3) When reinstalling the timing 'cog/shaft' dont seat it all the way to the back of its recess, as you will have a bugger of a time trying to fit the housing back on the top and getting the half moon thing to seat in both channels. I puzzled over this for about 10 minutes before my dad in his infinate wisdom pointed out I should perhaps use the recess/positioning of the OTHER timing cog/shaft as a reference. Seated IMMEDIATELY after I used that as the reference.

4) Use some thick grease in the channel to hold the half moon retainer in place.

5) To move the chain TO YZ timing, when ready to move the chain, bunch the timing chain up on the right side of the cog and try and finagle that ridge of chain over one tooth and on around the cog, instead of trying to lift the entire chain up and over. Works REAL easy for me both to and from YZ timing.


The Missile

'99 WR400F

Airbox Lid - gone

Throttle Stop - shorty!

Plastics/Tank/Seat - One Industries

Street Legal

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