What is up with magazines?

So, I was thinking of buying a 2006 YZ450F, my dealer has a Yellow one he will sell me for $7400 CND, I cannot pass up the price and love the yellow. I have a 2000 WR-400 that I supermotard and love it. Also have a Service Honda 2002 CR-500 for trail riding and out door motto-x. I really like Yamaha products and want to buy the 2006 YZ450F so I read all the mag write ups. Can someone explain to me how one magazine can love the YZ and palce it first (totally ground breaking and better than the perfect CRF) and place KX last (saying the KX is a total POS) and another magazine place the YZ last and love the KX???

I do not need a mag to tell me what bike to buy, but how could the YZ be flawed in one mag and the best in another. The KX also has me confused, Dirt Rider loved the KX and motocross action could not believe how bad it was.

1> The '06 450's are all excellent bikes. They are very close, and different people just like different things.

2> Different magazines have test staffs with different levels of competency. That's not riding ability, necessarily, but the ability to analyze a motorcycle identify various characteristics and the reasons/causes behind them. It isn't as simple as just being able to go fast. A lot of the people who have bagged on the YZF don't understand what they're objecting to, and don't know how make an adjustment that would easily correct it, or, simply can't be bothered.

Let me assure you, having ridden one, you will not be disappointed in your '06 YZ450. You might have to change tires, gearing, adjust the suspension, and maybe change the bars, but you should expect that, shouldn't you? :thumbsup:

Agree... all of the bikes from major brands are very close this year... so it didn't take much to 'drop'.

I'm very confident if the new Yami had a different front tire and a taller set of bars, the shoot out results would have been very different.

7400$ OTD? If so, that is an awesome price.

$7400 plus tax = $7844 OTD for a limited edition :thumbsup: Looks like I gotta buy it, the price is too good. Some dealers in my area are asking over $10,000 for an LE :thumbsup:

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