18 inch rear to 19 inch rear

I was going to buy a 2006 YZ450F, I use my bike mostly for ice racing and have alot of $500 ice tires that are 18 inch. Would any one with a newer WR be interested in trading for a new never used 2006 19 inch wheel?


I just bought a 19" rim and set of spokes and took part my 18" rim. Took around 2h to lace and true it.

Timo Mc

If you can't find anyone to trade with you, I have a used 18in rim (with spokes and nipples) to fit the big Yamaha four-stroke. I bought it for the same reason as you, actually to lace up to a YZ426F, and never got around to doing it. Send me a PM if your interested and I'll give you more details along with some pictures. -Neil

If you didnt live so damn far away... I really want the 19 inch wheel though. Its black, is that a problem?

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