seat/tank question

Will the seat/tank off of an 05WR450 fit an 04WR450 :thumbsup:

Yes it will. I did this to my 03-wr250f, and they both (03' & 04' 250/450f's)use the same tank and seat. The 05' tank and seat will bolt right on, no problems or modifications. Keep in mind that it only holds 2.1 gallons of fuel, so the range on your 450 will be limitted to 40 - 60 miles depending on how you ride.

I don't think the 04 and 05 tanks are interchangeable, but I am not sure. If you get an IMS aftermarket tank for an 04, you have to replace the radiator shrouds with YZ versions. If you put the same tank on an 05, you do not have to replace the radiator shrouds. Based upon this I would assume that they are not interchangeable. But you know what "assume" stands for :thumbsup:


Anyone else have an opinion on this one?

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