Tusk D-Flex Handguards

Has anyone tried them? Are they junk or not? I'm considering trying them for the price, but I don't want a set of 'busters that will bust the first time they hit the ground or a tree.

They are excellent Hand Guards. I have used them the last two years of the 24hrs. of Glen Helen. Good quality and Great price!

Hey Chase

I would suggest not buying these as the front mount is super weak. My wife looped her TTR and one of the mounts busted. A friend's wife did the same with her TTR. I ended up buying Acerbis mounts which cost another $20, that make them more expensive than my Acerbis guards. Go to Rockymountain and buy the Acerbis for $65, you will be glad.


I have the Tusk handguards on three bikes. I think they are a good value. The mount is a bit different than other handguards I have seen, but I haven't broken one yet.

Are other brands better? Probably, but these are good for the price in my opinion.

i looped my bike and broke the handlebar mount and had to make a new mount at my dads machine shop i would buy the acerbis

I plan on going to triple clamp mounts, so weak mounts aren't a big deal to me. However, I may have a line on a set of Rally Pro's cheap so I may go that route anyways. If they fall through, maybe I'll give the Tusk units a shot... I'm just not too keen on the Cycra's that everyone likes so much for some reason.

I just put a set on my bike, hopefully the mounts hold up. If not, I'll go with the triple clamp mounts.


This thread came up on a search to see if anyone else had the same problem with these handguards as I did.

Count me in as another with a broken front mount. Laid the bike down this afernoon at low speed and snapped it right off. The weak spot appears to be the adjustment slot.

I'm calling RMATV in the morning to see if they'll make good on them. Refund, not replacement. These things are junk.


Get the emgo's from Dennis kirk we've had them on every bike we've owned and never broken a set (and thats including my brother) they are EXACTLY identical to the acerbis handguards except for the tiny little vent holes and are 46 bucks

I broke both handlebar mounts last year. Had to replace them with some Acerbis mounts that I had sitting around.

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