Thanks to all for the help and info with yhe yz400f

I just want to say thanks to all that gave advice on getting my yz400f up and running.I put a new plug in it this morning and this afternoon i hopped on it ,followed the starting instructions to the letter and it fired right up and I was feelin like a little kid again. This has to be bar none the baddest bike have ever ridden.I see me havin a lot of fun with this beast.Only bad thing,I broke the secondary throttle cable today but I can still ride so NOT SO BAD HUH

If you broke one cable, the second is most likely also in poor condition. Personally, I would not ride with the cables like that. You do NOT want the cable to break with the throttle open :thumbsup:

I gotta agree, not to fun, unless you possibly want to do a come off at speed. :thumbsup: Had the throttle cable break test riding a friends street bike and wow, wanna see scars. :thumbsup:

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