Gear shifter pule nice hole In Motor case?

I had to lay my bike down yesterday to to keep from running over this four wheeler who had slowed down while climbing a steep hill. :thumbsup: And my gear shifter was pushed into my engine case. It looks fixable but I've removed all the Allen head screws and it doesn't seem to want to come off? Can any of you guys give me some advice about this. It seems to have separated from the gasket seal slightly but something isn't letting it slide off for some reason? :thumbsup:

I did this exact thing in October 1996 on my '95 L during my first desert race.

The gasket is just sticky. I Tapped mine from the side with a rubber mallet and it broke loose okay.

I dropped off the flywheel cover to Big Valley Honda in Reno, NV, and Richard Thorwaldson Sr. welded it up in about 5 minutes. He did an excellent job, as always.

After nearly 10 years, and over 50,000 miles, the weld is still there!

He is sorely missed.

Thanks for the help, that is exactly what I ended up doing. Tapping around the case with a rubber mallet. The gasket was what was sticking. It came off easy. Everything looks good in side the flywheel. I was towed out of the woods. I'm pretty sure it can be welded by a friend of mine who is an excellent welder. Hopefully everything will turn out good. Not as expensive as I thought it would be to fix. :thumbsup:

Never mind,I've had that problem twice :thumbsup: And I'm sure it can happen again so I just cut a 9" circle in steel (1/16 to 1/8 will do it)then bored it to about 3 1/2" in the center.Then just cut it across a little below the middle (1 to 2").If you use Aluminum you can have it welded or if you use steel just glue it with some epoxy.Maybe you'll have to tweak it/bend it a little to follow thw contour of the cases but it can be done. Remember once you weld a hole in your cover it can only get weaker around the weld.If this seems too much work just put a 1"-2" dia. of steel in the same spot that you had the puncture.Hope this can help you or give any ideas. :thumbsup:

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