06 450 motor break in

In the past I've usually heat cycled the motor a couple of times with light throttle applications and no lugging the motor to break them in. When I did this with my wife's CRF250, I learned if you don't break that motor in hard and fast, it will burn oil which is what happened to my wife's bike to the point I had to put in a new piston and rings dry and then run it like hell when it started up. It worked. I don't assume that is how a 450 needs to get broken in, but if you want to share your break in stories, please feel free.



They just told me not to lug it.

My first ride was Sunday (after sitting on it for just over a week). I didn't lug it, but didn't punch the limiter either.

Rode indoor practice where they run several classes back to back, so the bike would get up to temp, then cool a bit, and then I rode a bit harder every session. Repeated this roughly 5 times, and I would say it's about broke in now.


I say just ride it relatively hard without lugging it and you should be good.

pin it till it blows!

You want to know how we broke in top ends at the pro level? Pinch off the water hose, run the bike until the radiator blows coolant out. Ready to rip!

1) A CRF250R will burn oil no matter what you do to it.

2) Avoid only three things during the first 2-3 hours of operation: extremes of high engine speeds, high loads at very low engine speeds (lugging), and not being hard enough on the engine.

Otherwise, run the engine to 60% of it's capacity for the first 15-20 minutes or so, 75% for the next 30-45 minutes, and then fairly normally, limiting yourself to 80-90% of the engine's ability until 2 or 3 hours have passed. Change the the oil after the first hour, and again after the third. Then go ride it hard. If you baby it, the rings will fail to seal, and if they don't seal in the first three hours, they very likely won't ever.

I just started it for a minute then shut it off.

Then I started it and rode it around very easily for a few minutes and changed the oil.

Then I rode it like I stole it.

I have had several 4 strokes and as long as you change the oil regularly you will be jus fine.

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