Ngk Plugs

Hey I Have A Stock Plug (ngk) Cpr8eb9 In My 06 Kx450 And I Want To Get A Better Racing Plug I Was Told Iridium Is The Way To Go. I Was Told To Use A Cr8eix In The Bike That It Is The Better Ngk Plug For That Bike. I Looked At The Plug And It Is 1/16inch Shorter (iridium). Is This The Correct Plug Number For The Iridium Plug? Can I Run This Plug? Is This The Best Plug Available For This Bike For Motocross?

In my experience with the type of plug your are suggesting, I have found no improvement in starting, plug life, or performance to a bike. Others , might have? But IMO, the stock plugs on most bikes can be found easier than the high dollar ones, and last and preform just as good.

That 9 on the end there means it is a special 9 series plug. It is going to extend further into the cylinder than a CR8eb. I went through the same deal last year on my RMZ450. Stick with the stock plug IMO.


Stick with the stock plug IMO.

I second that!!! You can pick up the stock plugs for $3.98 at The iridium is going to be close to twice the price and will probably provide you about, oh, maybe, if your lucky, a 0.01% improvement.

I would recommend the stock plug. If you are worried about its performance, just change it out a tad sooner. Also, you can mode the gap in the stock plug, you can't alter the gap in an iridium plug. The gap is set from the factory and even if its out of spec, the electrodes are too thin and are very easy to damage.

You would be better off saving and spending the extra cash on suspension work and motor enhancements. That is where true performance comes from.

actually the 9 in the number means wide gap, the p in the plug stands for extended reach, and the b means special design. and with the time frame the plugs should be checked and replaced, there is'nt any gains to running the more expensive plugs,

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