MSR front brake line upgrade for 2004 nYZ450f?

Anybody with a 2003-2004 Yz450f upgraded to a MSR front stainless (CR) brake line??? IF so, does the line come with a mount for the fork tube cover to attach to?? I just ordered a MSR line, but I'm not sure the clamp is included.....the part number is # 198742.

The guy at my local MX shop wasn't sure either....Thanks

I do not have the excat same kit, I used a fastline line. Nevertheless, the kits I have seen end up using the lower mount moved into the location your talking about.


I don't follow what you are posting....

The normal setup has the long brake line going through the white plastic "finger" (those curved plastic flanges) and then curling around the bottom of the fork.

With the CR setup, you're eliminating that bottom curve, and now need an aftermarket clamp to hold the line in place just below those curved "fingers". I'm wondering if the "kit" I ordered has the needed clamp, or I'm going to have to purchase it seperately.

flint, down near the bottom of the fork tubes is a little pinch clamp... most aftermarket kits use this clamp bolted to the fork guard to hold the CR style line. Do yourself a favor though, contact oldblue here on the forums and order one of his clamp kits. You won't be sorry :thumbsup:

Are you talking about the semi-curved clamp at the very bottom???

The clamp is dark colored, almost black, and splits into two pieces to pinch the line. Its now located just in front of the axle.

With the CR style kits, you move the clamp up to the top area of the fork protector.

the 04 didn't have cr routing yet, so unless you also ordered lightspeed forkguards, then you'll still need to order the clamp from that mounts to the stock guards. I'd recommend the lightspeed guards.

Thanks everyone for the help.....I'll either go with the oldblue clamp, or go with the lightspeed option.


There is another outfit that makes a kit, called "Light Speed" and it coems with the fork guards to go with it along with the braided hose. I asume the MSR kit will also.

Thanks everyone for the help.....I'll either go with the oldblue clamp, or go with the lightspeed option.


Think of it this way, just getting the ride eng. clamp is 30 bucks and it mounts to the goofy looking fork guards. The lightspeed guards are 40 bucks and you can use the same clamp :thumbsup: So you pay 10 bucks more but get a better looking setup... Lightspeed also sells their kit which comes with the guards, carbon fiber clamp, and brake line for 100 bucks... Not sure if the line included is braided steel though.

The lightspeed kit includes a Galfer braided steel line. The guards are really a good product. I bought a set of them when they were first released. Never a problem with them.

I woudl skip the Ride Engineering clamp. Its not 1/2 the clamp old blue makes.

The oldblue clamp was only 15 bucks when I bought mine and way better than anything else out there. I don't know what you mean about the "goofy looking fork guards" but the oldblue setup worked great on my 00 with no need to drop coin on new fork guards.

Yeah. I contacted oldblue about the clamp....that's probably the way I'm gonna go. I'd like to get the Carbon Lightspeed guards/cable, but $ 100 is a little steep. I got the normally $ 55 or so MSR Stainless line for $ 43, because the local Dealer had a 20% discount on any ordered item. Than I just gotta put out $ 16.99 for the oldblue clamp; that's probably the best bang-for-the buck.

i just purchased the ride engineering cr brake line set up for my 04 yz 450 red banjo bolts and the red brake line bracket along with the stainlees cable. if i had to do it over again i would not go with the ride unit! it was to much money and i don't see the quality in it, the bracket only half of it was anodized red and it should of came with some poly washers so hen you tighten the nuts it woulden't wear off the red anodize, the cable seemed a little to short you have to mount the bracket 6 " down on the fork guard. should of went the dr. d route or msr like you did. just my 2cents.

My kit: Lightspeed guards, ride eng. braided steel line, ride eng CF fork wear guards, anodized banjos, ride eng anodized red billet clamp(for 05 YZ's). pics in the garage... oh and my whole bracket was anodized red...

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