inside tip front mud guard on 2006

I have received word that a new company called SGP TECHNOLOGIES is on the verge of releasing a skid plate extension for the 2006 yz450f. Called the Skiddy!

The piece is a bolt-on guard using the stock mounts. Skiddy covers the opening in the front of the motor, the covers is fit to forum the curves of the new Aluminum frame, to provide perfect protection for the dip stick and engine cases.

For 1/3 the cost of a new skid plate. There is no welding required. There is no set date for release.

I'll keep you guys posted on any more news and release date!

That is what I have been waiting for. Keep us posted please!

more info soon to be posted!

I like the sound of this. Keep us updated

for you guys woundering what it made out of it a super-tough thermoplastic material

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