'02 DRZ 400 is rebuild worth it?

:thumbsup: went to rockies in late august only to return to drowned city and drowned drz in N. O. bike was underwater (brackish) for 2 weeks or more. what i want to know is a re-build worth it? if so, what do you think it should cost? looks like all the electrics are shot too. i rode this bike twice. what a pisser!
:thumbsup: That sucks man. If you really like to wrench on stuff, go for it. If you like to ride, ebay the parts and get another bike. Things like the carb, wheels, tank, seat, frame, subframe, forks, shock, exhaust, etc. should sell very easily (if it is not an "S" model). My bet is that you will get more money out of the parts than the bike is worth. Collect the insurance (if any) and call it a day. :thumbsup:

I would at the very least strip it and have a look.

Start by trying to get everything clean and dry, the worst bits to clean the salt from will be the wiring loom, the clock (if an S) will be scrap as will the any other solid state components like the CDI box

The engine will need a full strip to every last little component.

I have re-built an engine that had been drowned in salt water, all the bits I had to replace were as a result of ingesting salt water at 9000 rpm.

You wont have this problem.

Everything in the engine should have been protected by a coating of oil, and if you are only moderately lucky it will only need bearings, and possible a piston if corroded.

It realy sucks you only rode it a couple of times, and I guess as you are asking this, that there is no insurance to cover the bike.

Give it a go, you have very little to lose, and much to gain.



its worth working on... if you have the place, time, and tools to do it. :thumbsup:

if you do sell you "parts" on ebay.... please let us (the buying public) know that it has been submerged in salt water :thumbsup::bonk::bonk:

Time is money :bonk:

If you have the expendable time, and can do the work your self... Worth it :thumbsup:

If you'll be giving up time, that would be better spent some other way (only you know this).. Not worth it.

If your paying to have the work done,, NOT WORTH IT.

If it were mine... I'd be looking to do a complete tear down of the motor,, mostly to inspect and clean,, but you might find some issues with some corrosion in places.... should not be too bad,, I'd bet you'll find some in the cylinder,, Good :thumbsup: Great timing for a 95mm kit from MT :bonk:

I'd replace the wheel bearings as a matter of course,, they are cheap,, and on an 2002,, about probable are, or are close to needing it anyway,

Remove, clean, lube and replace every electrical connection.

Remove, clean, replace every component from front fender to rear.

Try and start her up.. CDI is a sealed unit,, it may be fine.. Most likely the wiring harness will have issues with corrosion,, now or later.. even if it starts and runs,, I'd be looking for a good used replacement. or build your own if this is an E. The starter may also have some issues.....but should be ok,, with a good cleaning.

Actual $$ out the door on parts should be minimal,, but it will be a time consuming project to do right.

Maybe you should sell me the whole bike :thumbsup:

Only you can say if it is worth it or not, bronco gave a very realistic list of things to go through.

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