Thinking Of Selling Extra Carb.

Hello Guys

I have and extra carb. that I bought last year. I thought I might need it when I put a jet kit in my carb. The guy that I bought my bike from had broken off a screw to the air/fuel mixture. I thought if I couldn't get it out I would need another carb. The screw come right out and I didn't need the other carb. I was thinking about listing it on ebay, but I thought I'd give one of you guys a shot at it. Ill sell it for what I gave for it, but the buyer must pay the shipping. its a stock carb. for a 1994 XR650L in excellent condition. I'm asking $100.00 for it. If anyone is interested they can P.M. me. Thanks, take care and god bless. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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