destroyed left radiator on my '01 426

Yes, the radiators are pretty easy to bend. If you land on them just right. It is a good idea to run a radiator brace and guard, in my opinion just to save you the 220 bones for a new one. I don't know for sure, but Mylers may be able to repair that. You will have to check with them and see. Hope this helps,


These guys are magicians with radiator repair. BTW, my first "mod" is always radiator guards.

Also check ebay. You'll see good used ones fairly often.

pleny on the bay

Yeah, I'll definitely get a pair of works connection radiator braces before I head out again. I saw some on ebay I just hope I'll be able to win the auctions.

.......and I was having the best time today until that happened..... :thumbsup:

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