DRZ400 - cruising speed


I current ride a CBR600 and am looking for something that I can use to play in fields at the weekend, but still use to commute to work through rush hour.

I read that the DRZ400S is the best dual around at the moment, and love the pictures and stories I've seen.

My only question is about what top speed I can do on the motorway. I'm not looking for sportsbike performance, I'm looking for a comfortable 70-80 mph, is this possible?



In stock form, the S will cruise at 75-80mph top out at about 95mph. However, at these speeds on the highway, I wouldn't want to ride real far. The bike is not meant for this primarily and can be a little twitchy.

I changed to a 42 rear sprocket and I have been up to 90 MPH with reserve. After that its too skitish. Im also getting 55 MPG with a 150/27.5 jetting Air box opened pipe mod.

If it has too much headshake at high speeds, invest in a Scotts Steering Stabilizer. It is money well spent!

I do have a Scotts damper but it won't help on the freeway! Rain grooves------ Also, if I were to tighten it down there would be no play to turn slow. The bike just wasn't designed to go fast on the road.

I traded in my Honda Hornet 600 for a DRZ 400s about 7 months ago,i use it for green laning and commuting.I would say it cruises at about 70mph with alot more in reserve for overtaking.Its' ability off road isn't in question but i think it's underrated as a road bike, around town and up to about 60mph,sports bikes are easy prey! I have more fun riding to work than i ever did on my hornet.Buy one you wont regret it!!!

I agree with the last post. This bike is perfect for me on the road. I cruise the highway at 80 with no shaking or instability at all, its a blast! That does change a bit if you put on a true knobbie tire however.

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