I’m an idiot please help.

I’m an idiot please help.

I know im’ going to sound like a complete idiot but here goes…

Last weekend I picked up the bike..93’ XR600R , 1st real dirt bike after lots of miles on my 900RR. Anyway.. I kick it and after a few grunts she started up and I went up and down the street and back.. no problems.. felt really odd compared to the street bike but still REALLY COOL… work all week.. blah blah blah… so now I get a chance tonight to go into the garage again and fire her up and nothing… for a start I must have lost all feeling in my leg trying to even kick it…

So I as sit here feeling like a total fool I’ll ask…..

HOW DO YOU START THIS DARN BIKE… PLEASE HELP.. If I don’t get it running tonight I think my wife is going to jam it up my ass for buying something I cannot even get to running

Now the bike has the 640 big bore kit and 41mm Mikuni carb if that makes any difference and this is what I have been trying…

1/ Pull the choke half a notch on the carb.

2/ Turn on fuel

2/ Pull and release the compression leaver..

3/ kick the bike over.. no gas/little gas/lots of gas...??

4/ Repeat till you want to cry.

5/ Get ridiculed by wife..

6/ Return to step one.

Now my question is should I have the decompression leaver pull (all the time) when kicking the bike? Seems a lot easer it kick with it pulled in..?

I mean when i kick it, it does not even fire.. nothing!!!!

Is there anything else I’m missing or is that it and I’m just flooding the bike with such a slow kick due to not having the decompression leaver pulled when I kick it? Do the only run on Sundays?? Im all out of ideas here (and my leg aches) and the couple across the road keep laughing at me out of their front window.

I orderd the shop manual but that has nothing on starting.. I have been trying to get a owners manual all week but no luck so if someone can point me to one of them too that would be great.. Anyway, if anyone can help I’ll really appreciate it..

Dave the idiot.

Dave, you are not an idiot! Big bores can be a real bear to start, but it gets easier with practice. I'm a little guy; 5 ft 9, 160 lbs and I have to kick mine over for my (big) buddies so they can ride it. The first thing is about the decompression lever: it holds the intake valve open when pulled. The bike will never run when it is pulled, since it will have no compression. It is used to get the motor just past top dead center so the bike can be started. The drill is to kick the motor over until you feel big resistance ( a full stroke of the kickstarter, 1/2 stroke, something like that). Then pull the compression release and kick it over just a bit further, like a 1/4 stroke. You will then be just past TDC and now the engine is ready to be kicked over for real. Give it a full kick, putting a lot of leg into it, all the way down. If you have a decently set up state of tune, it should start in a few tries.

1/ Pull the choke half a notch on the carb.

2/ Turn on fuel

2/ Pull and release the compression leaver..

3/ kick the bike over.. no gas/little gas/lots of gas...??

4/ Repeat till you want to cry.

5/ Get ridiculed by wife..

6/ Return to step one.

haha, ya aint doin it quite right.

1 Full choke (put it at half right when it starts, let run 30 seconds, shut off)

2 Fuel on.

3 Slowly kick till you reach tdc (lots of resistance)

4 Pull decomp leaver and give a quarter kick or less.

5 Release decomp

6 Swift hard kick

7 Tear off and throw dirt at the wife, later claming it was an accident.

Ya can't kick these like a two stroke or a sissy. Get it off top dead center then give it a good hard one. Also if you flood it turn off the fuel, not necessary but helps, pull in compression relief and kick it through about ten times. this clears out the fuel. Turn on the fuel and give it hell again. It takes practice especially on a hill after you have dumped it.

Dont forget if it floods turn the fuel off, pull deco lever in and kick through as much as 15 times with the throttle wide open. That should clear out excess fuel. Then turn fuel back on and try normal procedure again.

Hey Dirtrider you beat me by 6 seconds with that post.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to check the plug. I can show you the starting drill if needed. What part of Vegas are you in? I'm in Southern Highlands.

Thanks for all the info.. im around Warn Springs and Rogers about 10 min North of you i think.

I go close to there on my way to work. I enter the dirt at Warm Springs/Decatur and go along the tracks all the way past Russell. I can ride over Sunday morning a take a look if you want.

BTW, there's another guy right down the street from you with a plated XR600. He also has a KTM525 that he races.

Sure that would be great.. I'll send you a PM with my info.. Thanks again. Dave

Hey Fordskin, too funny. I thought I was a big sissy when I first got the XR650R. But now I am a man. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Doesn't anyone here recall the Scott Summers method :thumbsup:



Good news. We got toofast's bike fired up. Man, his motor is much stronger than mine. He has a Mikuni carb on it and it didn't want to start with the choke on. I was just trying to clear it out with the gas and choke off and it fired up. He does need to kick it a bit harder than he had been.

His bike is REALLY nice. IMS 4 gal tank, seat cover and graphics kit, aftermarket top clamp and ProTaper bars with the Scotts damper mount, Mikuni carb, ProCircuit exhaust and header, aftermarket pegs, aftermarket throttle assembly, alum rear disc guard, Excel rims, Tourtech computer, and all this is in addition to the motor and suspension work that the previous owner did. Tooofast scored on this one.

BTW, I left my blue Yamaha hat in your garage.


Thank you all for you advice and a BIG thanks to Targetdrone for riding by this weekend to give me a hand. It seem that the trick for this one is NO Choke and NO gas.. and I was not kicking fast enough. I think I had managed to fowl the plug something terrible but not so bad that Targetdrone could not get her going. So now 1st kick every time and she fires right up.. Thanks again everyone.


Your difficulties in starting a newly purchased older bike is something I've seen several times: it starts great first time, you shut it down for a day or so, then it won't start at all. Many times this has to do with the carb having accumulated deposits from sitting. When you start it the first time is loosens up some of the deposits and blocks the idle circuit. If you are reluctant to do this, just take it to the dealer, and they'll go though it and clean it all up. Then use Stabil in your gas to prevent any future problems.

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