06 air box mod

Pretty much everything I read said to cut the aribox behind the number plate for the 06.

I assume that is the right side number plate since the left is where teh removable cover is.

What size holes are too big?

When you remove the plate you will see two knock out plugs. Cut those out. You can cover the holes with a mesh screen for added protection from splash. Good luck.

You have already taken the removable restrictor out of the top of the airbox, right? If not, remove the seat, remove the battery. There is a restrictor that reduces the airbox open--which should be about 1-1/2 by 4 inches to two smaller holes.

Air box with restrictor

The restrictor would lift right out, excpet for the two rivets on the bracket that the rubber strap that holds the battery clips to. So you have to CAREFULLY pry that part of the battery tray forward and lift out the airbox restrictor. Do it carefully or you will bust the airbox/battery tray.

Here is what the airbox with restrictor out: Airbox - modified

Then for extra credit you can cut open the holes on the side.


I'll give it a go !

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