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04 CR144 ride report

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Just thought I would give you 125 riders a little info on the 144cc kit.

I had thought about the 167cc kit but chickened out.

I ended up getting Eric Gorr to punch the 125 out to 144.

I finally got a chance to get out and put some miles on it.

I went out today and put about 30 miles on it in some tight muddy rutted up trail. All in all, I'm very pleased with the engine work. I does have more grunt and pulls 2nd and 3rd gear very well without as much clutch work, running 13-50 gearing. I still plan on playing with the gearing to see what is best. The extra grunt give you a little more "room for error" on those blind up hill.

I'm running it with a DynoPort low-end pipe and I think it may be a little much. I plan on swapping back to the stock pipe to see how it works. With the DP pipe it has a pretty good little hit down low and on the muddy roots it's a little much. The stock pipe should smooth it out a little more off the bottom. If you ran the 144 with the WR ign/flywheel I think that would be a very nice set-up.

All this being said, you have to remember it's on a 20cc jump. It's not going to give it the low end of a 200 or 250. As long as you go in thinking that, I think anyone would be very pleased with the difference.

If any problem comes up I will let you know.


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Thanks for the report. If you want to sell the Dynoport pipe let me know, it will be awhile before I do a 144 kit. Keep us posted.


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