2005 WR450 Oil Change

Ok I have read my service manual several times but I don't think I am correctly changing my oil. I change my oil and filter every other ride, but I just unbolt two plugs and the filter. I collect all the oil that comes out and put in the same volume that came out (about a quart and a half or so). Reading the manual it says I need to take of the skid play and unscrew a vent and then also undo a hose and a few other steps. Is all that stuff necessary? The manual lacks good illustrations so were wondering what other people do to change their oil. Is there a better service manual I should get or an online source?

And yes, I have searched this forum already.

Thanks in advance for the help.


If you want to drain all the oil out, and clean the screens. I have an 03 and it only takes 1 quart (w/o fitler, 1.2 /w filter) I drain it from the 3 bolts on the case myself. My Shop told be I had to be vigilant of the oil level and that this engine has a pretty low fault tolerance for this sort of thing. But my book says change it every 500miles if I'm not racing (sweet).

Change it a lot. Five hundred miles sounds to long to me. The modern 4 stroke engine is hard on oil and those little cheese-dick paper filters only seem to catch metal chunks. My oil is way dirty after 200 miles. I like to change it every 100 to 150. That may sound obsessive but I have had 7 four strokes over the years, and have never had an engine failure. Plus in the scheme of things... oil is cheap.

The hose you are referring to is connected to the in-frame oil filter screen. You only really need to check that filter during the first oil change then maybe once a season.

Also, that filter is a biatch to get out. At the factory they had King Kong tighten the bolt. You need to get a deep socket and a decent long handled torque wrench to loosen the bolt.

So I am doing the right thing by draining the oil from the frame plug that is on the down tube and the drain plug on the bottom that you can access thru a cut away in the skid plate?

I agree in the scheme of things that oil and filters is way cheaper and better than blowing up an engine, especially since the clutch and the motor share the same oil in the WRs.

There is also a small bolt under the shifter facing out that is a drain bolt as well. I take that one out too, it is the 8mm bolt next to the bigger drain bolt at the bottom. I only do the screen once per season. Be VERY careful when you take the screen out of the frame. It is easy to strip and or cross thread.

Thanks alot for the help.


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