Brand New 2003 650R w/dual sport kit value?

What do you guys think that a fresh out of the crate, 2003 XR650R with dual sport kit is worth? A local dealer (Oregon) has had this bike on the lot for over 6 months and recently put a dual sport kit on it, presumably to make it a more attractive sale. My buddy had them down to $4900 in May but didn't pull the trigger because it was not dual sported yet. I was thinking it probably is worth around $5k. Any info is much appreciated.

In December I bought a brand -spankin' new '03 for $4,500 in GA. For a legal/sorted DS kit installed, I'd say $5k is pretty reasonable.


What hidden costs are they tacking on after that?

Set up costs?

Just bought a 2006 XR650L like 2 days ago!! In Canada here (BC) the retail on theses bikes ready to be plated is around 8 grand plus taxes. Well worth the coin, cause there is no better one out there!!

Just have to get the snow off the ground and the tin goes on the rear.


1981 Yamaha DT 175

1982 Honda XL 185S

2006 XR 650L

I bought a new (leftover) 2003 xr650r in March of 2005 for $4600 out the door, no dual sport kit.

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