Rear Fender Help

Hey guys, does anyone know if a rear fender from an R will fit an L. I don't like the rear fender on my L and I'd like to change it to a straighter type fender. Does anyone know of a after market fender? Thanks :thumbsup::thumbsup:

With enough time and money... I wouldn't suggest this fender for the L though.

Bolt on fenders from Maier and Cemoto look much better than stock. Or you could try other Honda MX plastic like I did.


I just got the maeir for my L but havent put it on yet. You will probably want to get a new tail light if you do this.

I forgot that I have a Maier MX style rear fender for sale. It is red and has been drilled for the stock fender bag, Acerbis LED taillight (also for sale), and flush mount signal. The parts are in awsome shape.

PM me if you are interested,


Thanks for the info. guys :thumbsup::thumbsup: .

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