Big PIG coming!!!!

After being THIS close to getting a DRZ400 SM I just commited to a super clean 03 BRP with BD dual sport kit and a set of street tire. THis thing looks like brand new, NO scratches on cases or fenders. Supposedly ridden for no more than 1 month total since purchased. Paying $4300. (haven't been pricing these at ALL) Came across it on ebay and was very interested, then looked down further and it's in MY TOWN!! Looked at and rode it today and offered. This thing is sweet and felt surprisingly small and un-piglike to me. (on the street). STill corked and all stock, oh, except for the rear passenger pegs and the ds kit.

I'm a happy man.

How'd I do? :thumbsup:

Sounds like your gonna have fun 2 me. You should post some pics. And do some mods when ready.


Sounds like it can't be passed on.

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