XR dies after 10 or 15 miles. Help!

Pulse generator problems usually show up when measuring the unit's resistance, and when it's bad often the resistance will be higher when hot.

Not sure what the resistance is supposed to be- 600 ohms?

I have an 82 XL500 with a 79 XR500 motor. It has the same ignition system as the 650s, so you guys should be able to help me with this. I've had the bike for about a month, and I love it except for one thing.

If I ride it less than 10 miles, it works fine. More than 10, and it will suddenly stop running. If it sits for 20 minutes, I can restart it and go another 10 miles before it dies. If I restart it a minute after it died, It goes maybe half a mile.

So my guess is that the pulse generator is getting too hot and stops working until it cools down. I've never worked on electronic ignitions before, so please reply and let me know if this is the correct diagnosis. Also, let me know any good sources for a new pulse generator. I'm hoping some aftermarket company makes a cheap one.

And now a rant. I found this out while riding a twisty paved road in the mountains near some pretty big drop-offs, when the engine stopped and my rear wheel locked and skidded. Fortunately, I was upright and between corners, and I always cover the clutch lever, so I was able to get off the road and stop safely. The guy who sold me the bike a month ago told me everything worked fine, and it was a great bike but he needed the money, and he had another dirtbike he preferred to ride. I wish people would disclose problems with their vehicles which could potentially pitch the new owner off a cliff instead of pretending the bike is perfect to get a few more dollars.


Im just fantasizing here, strap them to the bike, pull a gun and say 'RUN FOR IT!' #TONGUEINCHEEK

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