Fork swap

Hi folks, I just picked up an street plated 89 xr600 Seems to be in excellent shape. The PO started it with two kicks but I thought I'd made a mistake when I got it home and kicked my self to death trying to start it like a two stroke. I've got the drill down to,usually, 2-3 kicks to get it going. My question is this: are the later model cartridge forks worth swapping to or would valving the dampner rod ones be just as good? If the cartridge are best do you need the later wheel,brake, clamp etc or will the forks bolt straight in. Thanks

They went to a larger axle in '91...I believe. There are cartridge emulators available, but I don't know how good they are. It would probably be much cheaper than forks, wheel, and an axle.

I was afraid of that. It was a deal on *bay. Revalved and resprung forks for a plus a fork brace for 150. I haven't even had it off road yet so I suppose I should try it out first before I start changing things. After reading up on things here I did pull the flapper of the choke plate. Still seems to start OK. Here in So Cal. it shouldn't get to cold so half a choke might work, might be a problem in the desert.Thanks for the response

It's not just the flapper, it's the whole plate too. I just had the carb off of my 93 XR600, and the plate had a big crack in it. Another 2 or 3 mm and it would have been sucked into the enigne. I took it out completely. I've only gone for one ride since. It started OK. If it's a real bear to start when it's cold out, I'll get one of the aftermarket replacement choke plates.

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