A Word From The Wise....

Today was just like any other day.went riding at a frinds house hit a few jumps played around rode a few wheelies praticed my cornering. dragged my friends banshee a few times.. i was putting around and desided i would let my friend jeff take my WR400F for a ride.. he did a few passes up and down the field he couldnt keep from smiling he loved it.. well anyways when he was on his way up the hill his cousin ashton desided that he would ride jeffs banshee.. and he took off like a maniac.. well at this point jeff is on his way down the hill in 3rd gear just taking it easy.. and ashton is on his way up the hill flying.. and I heard the most aweful smash i had ever heard.. i look up really quick and i can see jeff flipping through the air and plastic and metal flying through the air.. at this point i wasnt sure if i should be more worried about the bike or my friends.. so i jumped in ashtons truck and drove up the hill to see if they were ok.. when i stopped they both were laying on the ground hurt pretty bad.. my bike was a mess.. the forks broke off at the tripple trees, the tripple clamps are junk now and pretty much all of the plastic was broke off the bike my killswitch/clutch lever/decompression lever/brake lever were all destroyed my handle bars are scrap, my front wheel was broke in half,brake rotor was broke,skidplate was busted, shift lever was bent, clutch cable guide was bent to the frame left and right radiator assemblys are busted,lost the grips and the throttle tube is scrap.. the bike is lost.. it would cost more then the bike is worth to fix it.. but luckly the motor was untouched becaues the skidplate did its job.. the moral of the story is.. if your on a banshee (or any quad).. dont run over people.. oh and the banshee is pretty much scrap too.. the frame is twerked, the right a-arms are broke off the bars are broke the radiators busted the head lights are broken off the bumper is smashed the right shock is busted clear off the quad..and the plastic was shredded.. it was clearly ashtons fault for not paying attention to where he was going, riding with the sun in his eyes and trying to go 70mph for no reason up a hill that jeff had been riding up and down for the past 15 mins.. i will post pics of the bike sometime after i take them...if anyone is intrested in some of the parts..let me know there up for sale.. oh and jeff and ashton are both ok broken bones and cuts heal... dont let people ride your bikes.. i wanted one since i was 7 years old, im 19 now and it was my first bike.. all that wating and i finaly get one, 4 weeks later and now its a twisted mess laying out in the garage..

dunk, you poor bugger. i wasnt going to reply, but, you need to get onto this as quick as possible and pin this prick who stacked your bike to make up for what he has done.

you can offer to make it easier for him and if he can find a 98-2000 model frame( or bike with blown motor),etc to put your motor in, better for him and you will just have the hassle of putting it in, but if not, put the screws on this bastard to pay.

here in Aus we have an unwritten rule that if you bust it, you pay.

you dont sue, you keep the pressure on in person.

go and see this prick and let him know that he has to pay, either he gets a personal loan, gets the money off his parents, sells something of his own, whatever, make him pay. and let him know he has to.

talk to his parents too to see what they intend to do about the damage.

bargain and negotiate as this can only reduce the amount you need and the time off riding. dont get aggro about it as this will only make them dig in and not co operate. work with them/him to solve this problem he caused together.

approach it with the intent to do all you can(say you understand he didnt mean to crash) to lessen the total amount (ie he gets blown motored bike or sell the bits you have like you are doing to put toward next bike) but keep onto him. HE HAS TO PAY.

I sympathise with you as i waited for many years to get a bike and having it means a lot to me and i am very apprehensive about allowing others to ride it. just dont let up and do not accept that he wont pay, at least part.

hope you are back riding soon

good luck

Sorry to hear about your bike nothing worse than seeing your pride and joy been written of by someone else. Check the pics of this YZ426. The impact popped the steering head open!


Wow... I feel your pain, a couple years back I had a friend destroy my Banshee. Kinda same situation but it was another rider that hit him pretty bad. I made sure the other guy paid for it.

Moral of the story... dont lend your Yamaha's to friends, a Yamaha is meant to be ridden by it's owner, otherwise it'll bite :thumbsup: Just buy a cheap (insert the brand you like to pick on) to lend to your friends :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear that. Make sure who ever is a fault pays.

My motto is you broke it you bought it.

I would be interested in buying the little spacer part on the front wheel that connects the cable to the odometer.

Let me know.

I feel for you and the loss of your bike (not your friends.) :thumbsup:

I had a friend hit a huge rock and crush my case, destroyed the clutch. I made him pay for it. My nephew took my father's quad out and rolled it! How you roll a quad just going for a little joy ride is beyond me. I had another friend that let a buddy ride his 2-stroke in the desert and the guy didn't know how to shift and overrevved the piss out of it. Fried the top end.

I could go on and on. If you have a friend that wants to ride make it clear up front if anything gets broke they're buying it and only let one person ride any mechanized machine at a time. Preferrably in a big open area on flat ground. It's one of life's lessons that unfortuneately has to be learned the hard way by all of us. Good luck.

e-bay baby!! Either part yours out and make some money or buy the parts you need. Someone is parting one out now and there is a entire set of forks along with a bunch of other stuff.

Don't let it get you down!

i have pics of the wreckage in my garage

I hope you "friend" is paying for the damage.

That is an unwritten law down here in Australia. You break, you pay.

That Pic In Your Garage Makes Me Sick. Sorry Man. I Had A Guy Test Drive My Crazy Built Banshee Last Year And Totaled It On The Street. After I Gave Him A Vicadin And A Beer He Payed Before Going To The Hospital. Hey, If You Part It Out, Let Me Know Ill Buy Your Exhaust... Good Luck And Sorry Again That Freakin Sucks.......:thumbsup:

You break it you bought it goes without question. Good luck, glad no one was seriously injured!

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