anyone intrested in a 1998 WR400F engine? it runs good has after market kick starter new clutch, piston rings, reusable oil filter,spark plug,seals,. dosnt leak any fluid, has around 20 hours on compleat overhaul should be good for another 80 or more. oil was changed every 2-5 hours of riding time and was aloud to drain overnight cluch still has alot of life left. im asking around 400 without the carb and 600 with it but its negotiable. i will include all the hoses and oil lines and countershaft sprocket appon request.i will include the decompression cable,clutch cable and stock throttle tube and cables, motor mounts if needed. the tranny is fresh also this bike rarly seen 4th or 5th gear. i will ship for around 50 to 150 dollers extra depending on location and prices of shipping.. PM me or drop me a line on here if your curious

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