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Kickstart Kit in the UK?

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Sorry if this has been covered before guys,

I rang a few suzuki dealers in the UK to try and get me a price on the kickstart kit thats offered on the suzuki.co.uk website and every stealer has no idea what Im talking about.


Have any of the guys from the UK managed to source one from the UK?

Or am I looking at importing one from the USA?

If im looking at getting one from the USA where is the cheapest place to get one?

Many thanks.


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I have tried to find one in the UK as well, with no success.

You will probably find it easier and cheaper to get one from the O.E.M. TT store.

Or you could look up the part number on http://www.ronayers.com

Or the TT site, and just order those numbers from a UK dealer, I have used Part No from the US online fiche's several times without problem.

But if the numbers are wrong, you will have paid for the wrong bits with no possibility of a refund, so be warned.

The easiest way is the TT store.

Neil. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

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