Hardwire Power for GPS?

Has anyone hardwired a power source for their GPS from the bikes electrical system? If so, how was it donw? Any pictures would be great. I would like to do this, but have heard a few things about needing to clean up the power before running it into the GPS. Thanks,



No cleanup is needed if you just install wire straight from battery to the front of bike with a fuse of course. I have done this also for Xenon front light.

Timo Mc

No battery on the 426. Anyone done this on a pre-battery WR? Thanks,


Think you are going to need a battery and rectifier/regulator. The WR only makes A/C current stock. You could try a capacitor instead of battery, but might blow your GPS with over voltage. Get the parts from Baja Designs and wire it up - easy to do.

Another way is to just install an external battery (behind the headlamp for instance) and recharge it between rides. Trailtech sells a 12 volt 2 Ah Nimh battery for $35 that will run most gps's for a couple of days before recharge.

Most GPS'S are not that particular they require between 9 and 16 volts. you will want to refer to the wiring diagram in your owners manual (if you need one ther is a thread where you can download one) splice into the wiring after the voltage regulator (rectifier) and when the bike is running the GPS is on bike power when the engine is not running then GPS reverts to battery (internal) power

I have a powersonic 1208 battery that I have installed inside the airbox. I use it to power my horn and turn signals. It is a total loss system meaning it does not charge while the bike is operational. I have a quick connect where I plug my Battery Tender Jr right into the wiring harness at the end of the day. Works slick. Battery is tucked away nicely too. You could do the same too and the battery would be more than enough to keep your GPS going for days. If you want a charging system you will need to float the ground on the stator and install a rectifier to make your AC system DC. Baja designs can sell you this as well as the instructions on how to do so. Or heck I could sell you my kit as I am quite happy with my rechargeable battery system.


check out www.cycoactive.com they have all kind of tips for set up

From what I hear the biggest problem with running a GPS on a system with no battery is low power brown outs, that's what fries them. I have my Garmin 60C hardwired to my sled which has no battery. I installed a regulator and capacitor but the power still goes low at idle and the GPS starts to flicker. The simple solution was to just turn up the idle a bit until it stabilized. I realize that I could burn out my GPS with this setup, but I've run it for 2 years now with no problems.

I have my 60c wired to my battery with an inline fuse. I purchased the cable from Amazon...

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