06 450 Spark Arrestors

Hmm, I must be crazy. I have a Q2 on mine and like it.

Extremely quiet and I cant tell where there's a power loss anywhere.

Are you sure you're not letting the reduced noise effect your seat of the pants feel?

If you are willing to shell out the cash, go for this...GYTR

If you want a quiet pipe with a spark arrester and will meet the 96db sound requirement buy either the FMF Q2 or WB E2. I'm running the E2 and yes, their is a small loss of low end power.

moochie, what did you change your jetting too? and i mean from stock exhaust system because we are at different conditions (altitude and temp) i had to go leaner on the needle and main. i agree, the loud pipe feels more powerful simply from the volume. i tested both stock and Q2 back to back to back in the same conditions and yes, there is a very noticable mid range power...the biggest issue being torque. but this is understandable with a restricted flow.

I have a 48 pilot /170 main.

Each person has their own take on how stuff runs on their bike so I know everyone will have a different opinion based on their own experience.

A lot of the riding I do would involve mainly low to mid power range stuff and the Q2 is ok with me. For example, I have a track in my backyard that has a step up double area with the approach being a pretty short run out of a 180 degree corner. Using this familiar section as a point of reference, my bike seems to pull strongly on the step up regardless of whether the stock or Q2 muffler is on. One of the main reasons I use the Q2 is that it does a great job of keeping the noise level down, which is a main concern since I dont want to pizz off the neighbors. I'm actually happy enough with the Q2 that I dont really feel the need to swap back to the stock muffler for a race.

I have thought about putting the stock one back on for races...just so I dont run the risk of messing up my quiet muffler.

I put the Pro Circuit TI-4 silencer on, and it is obnoxiously more loud. I have never had it sound tested, but I immediately noticed the difference. Pro Circuit says it's 106 dB, and I got the quiet end cap. It's supposed to bring it down to 98 dB. Seems to make the bike breathe easier, though.

My buddy has a PMB [pro moto billet] one. It looks really cool and he said he doesnt notice any power issues.

:D White Bros. E-2 94 db,no power loss,bolts right on,$279 at motosport outlet.com (1-888-676-8853) :applause:

For those of you running the FMF Q2, are you using the stock header or did any of you go with their SX header(#044031) When I called FMF back when I got my 06 and was looking for quiet, they strongly recommended this combo for woods. I have found this to be a very good set up and still relatively quiet. Perhaps a little less pull right off the bottom, but strong everywhere else, and it fit right up very well.

I also have the pmb end cap. looks pretty trick, nicely machined, and super easy to install. Sure beat 400.00 for a can. They also have a really trick kickstand for any one who rides the woods.

:D White Bros. E-2 94 db,no power loss,bolts right on,$279 at motosport outlet.com (1-888-676-8853) :applause:

I'm thinking of buying this one, when did you get your's at that price?

Can you tell me more about the pipe, perhaps post a pic of your bike? Motosport sells it for 359.95 today, any better deals available?

http://www.motosport.com/product.jsp?path=-1|31989|39722|87516&id=312008 (copy - paste)


Has anyone tried the new GYTR quiet slip-on muffler?


Thanks for help.

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