Sprocket choice- Off road riding


Getting new Chain and sprocket set up for my 450. I am getting everything from ironman. How many teeth should I go with front and rear.......? I am riding all East Coast woods. I owuld like to make the bike easier to ride at low speeds in the woods.


It all depends on how fast you ride. Tight woods, quick rider, go up one in the rear to 51. Otherwise, I like the stock 50.

If you are trying to tame your crf450 for woods you would better purchase a flywheel weight 17-19 oz. this makes the power roll on smoother, controlling traction and making the bike alot funner to ride. Definetly buy a good x-chain the stock one is as cheap as they get and will ruin your stock rear sprocket in a hurry, if it hasn't already. I like the tri metal rear sproket, light and long lasting, not much more than a good all aluminum one. Have fun

The Ironman sprocket is incredible! I run a 13/48 in the California desert. But we have miles of wide open terrain. I also have a 50 tooth for motocross which is great. Even in the tight woods 50 is a little tough to keep the engine from stalling.

what year you got? cuz 05's come stock 14/48. I have 13/52 and i love it...good both in tight woods and on the track. with stock gears i could be in 2nd gear on most tracks or 3rd if it was wide open...now i just stay in 3rd and can still clear the big table tops...i have heard nothing but good things about using a flyweight, but if your going on an mx track i heard they are hard to ride with because they throw the throttle respose out of wack...

05 stock gearing is 13/48. :thumbsup:

i like 13/52 for the hills. 14/52 for everything else.

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