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Part II - "blown trans 450X"

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That other thread was getting to long.....

Here is what I said in a post on that thread:

"Since all this talk about 450X trans problems we decided to figure approx how many miles we have on our small (4) fleet of 450Xs.

We rent them for rides in Baja. They get used on a lot of dirt roads, some single track, and some Hwy. And it seems that since they are rentals guys hammer on them pretty hard and run them on the rev limiter quite a bit.

We are guessing the bikes have about 3500-4000 miles each.

We have been running the Maxima Premium 20/50 and the 85 MTL. Only recently (since the talk started) have we been using 1qt in the trans.

We change the oils each trip, or about every 400-500 miles.

We haven't had any problems at all (knock on wood).

Valves too have been fine w/o need for reshim.

We're running a couple of them from San Quintin to La Paz next week and we should get about 1000 miles on the trip including a LOT of really high speed long dirt roads.

Fingers crossed."


We ended up at about 1100 miles total. It was a fast paced ride with good riders. The Xs were run hard,,, definitely pinned for many miles at a time quite a bit on fast dirt roads and pavement. They were not new X's, they were as described above.

What happened?

After Day 1 we added about 2 oz. of engine side oil. It mightta been a speck low after the pre-ride change, who knows.

After Day 4 we changed out the air filter.

That's all. No other work was done. Nothing else other than flats.

It was also of course all on Pemex gas (that's the gas brand in Mexico).

All I can say is I was stoked to have zero problems after reading of other guys problems especially considering the type of rides we use them for.


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Great news! Did you check or add any fluid in the trans? After 1100 miles what did the trans oil look like? Did you experience any significant reduction in the clutch after running hard?

I am convinced that trans oil qty in the manual must be a misprint or outright mistake. I have also gone to running a full quart and changing frequently, usually about every 200 miles.

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Thanks TIm.

That is very good reading for me as I have the newest bike on this site.

Good to read a evrthing went well post.

I have already drained the stock tranny oil and added a full quart of Honda HP tranny cheese.

At 1.6 miles total miles since it;s been sitting in my garage it hasn't blown up yet :thumbsup:

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