CR 250 Wide Ratio

I am hoping that somebody on the board here can tell me for certain whether a wide ratio gear set for a CR250 will fit my CRF450????

I have a chance to buy a set and they are becoming hard to come by....

I looked into this before. If it was for a older (90's) cr250, I think you need a donor cr250 transmission so that you can use a couple of the shafts.

I think there was a post regarding this before, you may want to do some searches.

according to folks at Baja Designs, they are the same gears

according to folks at Baja Designs, they are the same gears

buzzard if they don't work I'll buy them, if the price was rite. I ride a cr 250 in the woods

Way back in 02 when we started riding these things off road Ride Red transplanted a Baja wide ratio kit into a CRF 450, he was the first. If I remember right the gears were right but it did require a shaft or two from the CR 250. Do a search as lots of information and photos were on the board. If you don't find the info PM Ride Red and I'm sure he will bring the info up for you. Just be carefull when your talking to him or you'll end up with a Turkey Baster!

hey dsmolj i'll let you know

I received the gear set bought off EBAY. It was still in its Baja Designs packaging so I called BD and they confirmed that they will fit the 4-fiddy. So now I just need to get the courage up to split the cases.....actually I think I will do the big bore stroker kit and cam at same time. I'd like to add oil capacity but really do not like the idea of drilling holes in the case and having all that external hose.

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