considering a 250 sxf

hows the reliability? handling? suspension?

how do they stack up againsed the 06 CRF 250?



I think the 250sxf has proven itself reliable and more than competitive in the engine/suspension departments. You can't go wrong with a honda or yamaha either, but if what Eric Gorr says is correct I would stay away from the kx250f and rmz250 because they are ticking time bombs. A friend of mine who races said a kid with a kx250f is on his 3rd rebuild and the engine just totally grenaded so he is getting a new bike... no thanks.

i am kinda trying to stay away from a honda (i had an 04) and i dont think those are very reliable bikes. i have heard great things about the sxf, is there anything bad about them?

I have not notice anything bad about my SXF. The motor has about 40-50 hours on it and the valves are still in spec. All ive had to do is change the oil and clean the air filter.

I rode my buddies '06 crf250 and i would take my sxf over it ANY day.

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