just bought a used 250

Hello to all.I just recently bought an used xr250 (I think it's an '84 model)mainly to use it for enduro/trail riding .Currently I also have an xr650l but it's too tall/heavy for the type of riding im doing.Anyway, this bike been sitting for a couple of years and not surprisingly it wont start.The question is that im not so familiar with the ignition sistem and also the valve train.I know that there should be something in this forum but i have'nt been able to locate it.Any help as to where to look first or any tip about this bikes will be apreciated :thumbsup:

This is probably a dual carb model? Pull the carbs, disassemble and clean all the crud out of the bowl and jets. Squirt some carb cleaner in all the orifices and blow out with air, do this several times. Put the carbs back on, put in a new spark plug, and I'll bet it will start.

Fresh gas, check the valves, clean the carbs, kick, curse, kick again, wash, rinse and repeat until it starts :thumbsup:

Thanks for the advice.My bike is a single carb model.As of now I just disassembled the carb and oh my it was choked with crud from maybe 4-5 years of sitting .I'll be trying to start it today so wish me luck and strenght(for my leg anyway)I've noticed that the valve train has some kind of valve sistem like kps or something like that .Any word on how this works(i'mon the process of getting a manual as soon as I get to know wich year it is) Thanks


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