Fair sell price for '01 KX125?

I have an '01 KX125 for sale. New plastic, tires are 90%, FMF/Procurcuit pipe/silencer. Never raced. Runs perfect and is ready to ride. Is $1900 a fair price? Average retail according to NADA is mid 2's. Opinions? :thumbsup:

I just bought an 02 KX125 withe engine mods, procircuit pipe, revalved Suspension by AAT, RG3 Top Clamp, Pro Taper 1 1/8" bars, DID chain, some other stuff for $2000.00, very well maintained, you can see pics of it in my garage. Just posting so you know how much I paid for something with some more upgrades and stuff so you can have a feel for things.


ask $2000 and take $1800.

I would say that $1900 would be the highest you could get for it, but don't expect to get that much.

I bought an 01 KX 125 last year for $2200. May be a little high, but the bike was in MINT condition. (and green sticker bikes bring a premium out here in Kalifornia)

I took my first ride on the KX this week. I was absolutley floored by the amount of power it has. I bought the KX and an '00 RM250 at the same time with the intention of selling the KX and keeping the RM. But after riding the KX I'm not so sure that's the right decision. I'm 5'11', 205lbs and was under the impression that a 125 may be a little weak for me. There is nothing weak about this bike. It felt light and easy to handle as well. I haven't had a chance to ride the RM yet, but I am way impressed with the KX!!! If I do sell it I will be looking for $1900. It has one cracked shroud but is mint otherwise...

How do you find the KX125's powerband? Does it offer enough bottom end to make it suited for some off road work too?

I didn't get enough seat time to make an accurate assessment of it's capabilities. It certainly seemed to have enough midrange to satisfy most riders. As with any 125 it's not a torque monster and would require more skill to lug around the woods than a 250 or 4-stroke. Probably a better race bike or gravel pit playbike than a woods machine. Anyone interested? I will snap a pic and post it tonight...

Pic now in my garage...

2001 KX125

Clean bike ready to go...$1900!! :thumbsup:

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