DRZ125 converted with RM100 rides like a chopper

When you do the RM100 conversion the longer forks really stretch out the front end. The bike has a long rake to begin with. I have two DRZs and switching between the RM100 bike and the stock suspended bike shows a huge difference in turning. The RM100 conversion is still a great setup but the bike needs to be kinda forced through inside lines and especially an inside rut. Great stability though.

You can't really lower the forks in the clamps because the front tire hits the fender easily.

From eyeballing it the RM100 tripple clamps do not rake out the forks anymore than the stock clamps (with stock forks), so its the angle of the steering tube thats at issue.

I think I might have a solution..... I bought a 17" kx85 front wheel on Ebay.

This will lower my front 2" AND allow me to drop the forks in the tripple clamps.

Some new full size MXers come with an option for a 20" front wheel, mated with a 19" rear puts it just 1" difference front to back. So my 16" rear & 17" front isn't so odd?? Right?

I'll post the results when I get the wheel and test them back to back.

The DR-Z125L has about 6-7 inches of fork travel. The RM100 has about 11 inches. Since they both use the same front tire size, some of that extra 4-5 inches just pushes the front of the bike up. You have to add some height to the rear as well, or the steering angle will be off. But I can see that you are coming to that same conclusion.

Reducing the front tire size will help get the front end down.

I am in the process of making these same mods. Sounds like I might want to just get the BBR springs made for someone my weight. I don't need these kinds of issues. Did you put the RM rear shock and spring? I also heard they have KubaLinks(not sure the spelling) that will raise the back end. Would that help you?

Mine has the full mod, KX100 swing arm, shock, linkage, wheel, brakes & full front end.

I have not heard of these linkages that raise the rear end, are they for the DRZ or the KX or do they have them for both?

FTR, the bike is still very ridable and a blast, I race it all the time. Making changes to improve these bikes is half the fun. In the whoops is where the KX100 conversion really shines.

Hoping my 17" wheel shows up today. :thumbsup:

Which shock linkage are you using, the KX100 or the DR-Z125?

KX100 linkage

I ended up using the DR-Z125L linkage on mine. There are several pictures in the thread on the upgrade. The length of those various linkage parts will definitely effect ride height. I don't know what can be mixed and matched with your project, but you might look into that.

I heard the cr85 shock fits, and rm85 forks? am i correct

My 17" Wheel showed up today :thumbsup: .

I installed the tire and rode a little around my track. At this point I can say it turns better, not sure if its a huge difference yet. I then lowered the forks a half inch or so in the tripple clamps and it turned even better. The chopper feel is gone and the bike doesn't have that chopped look anymore. Because the rear (16" rim) tire is so much fatter than the front (17" rim) tire the tires/wheels look basically the same size. Some might say it looks odd, I think it looks good, maybe a little supermotard.

A couple of things I did notice is that the bike will now change lines mid turn (hard to do before, (wrestle)) and the forks seem more plush. I think the chopper like angle was not the best set up for the forks, this angle may be helping the forks.

I'll wait to take it out to Lake Elsinore MX track to make my final oppinion.

I am planning to put 2005 KX100 forks on my girlfriends DRZ125L, but need to keep it low to the ground due to her vertical handicap. We tried the BBR springs front and rear, and they are mediocre at best. The front bounces off objects in corners like a pin ball and the rear kicks like a pissed jackass, even with no compression, spring retainers barely threaded to keep it low.

So what are my options here...have her run it like she's trying out for the Hells Angel's mascot...or run the fork tubes poking up five inches past the top triple clamp? Switching to a 17" wont cut it for trail riding ruts and rocks.

How can I upgrade her bike, while keeping it low to the ground?

ANy thoughts are appreciated.....

Does anyone make less raked triple clamps for the KX100?

I took the bike out to Lake Elsinor last weekend and it works good. I had to lower the forks back down the tripple clamps as the front was too low. Now it turns better, but I expected more (unrealistic?).

The 17" wheel totally gets rid of the chopper feel.

As far as a 17" wheel being bad for ruts and rocks, I don't know. Lake Elsinor's Vet track gets REALLY rutted with deep square holes and the 17" wheel worked fine.

On another track with whoops deeper than the wheel the 17" worked fine too. I noticed no difference between the 17" and 19".

You can not raise the fork tubes even an inch past the top of the clamps with a 19" wheel or the tire will hit the fender.

A few months back I searched high and low for clamps with less rake, no luck.

Overall I'd say this is a pretty good compromise and I'm really happy with the way the bike works. Its a very trick pit bike.

Me and my dad just bolted on a rm100 front end and a rm100 shock, we plan to put the linkage on when it gets here. It works great!!!but racing 85's are still more fun.

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