1982 Honda XL500R questions

Hi, I am new to the forum. I am in the process of overhauling the top end on an XL500R. I had planned in utilizing parts from a 1979 XL500S (jug, head, cam, etc). Does anyone know if the top ends are the same on The 79XL500S and the 82 XL500R?

I also need to find a drive chain guid and gard for this bike. Does any one know if any XR chanin guides/guards will fit this orphaned model?

Thanks, Slade

Hey, Slade!!!

Slade, I once looked at an '82 motor that was in pretty sad shape (clutch basket had grenaded, & sent little alum. pieces everywhere) to buy for spare parts. I was assured that the cylinder & many other parts would interchange with my '79 engine. I wish I'd have bought it, & then would've been able to say definitely "Yes!" or "No!"..... :thumbsup: The guy wanting to sell it assured me that the parts would all interchange...

I went to the online parts fiche at JT Motorsports (www.crotchrocket.com ), & crossreferenced the cylinder part numbers, on XR models. The '79/'80 cylinder has a p/n of 12100-429-000, while the '81/'82 has a p/n of 12100-MA0-672. They all have the same p/n for the base gasket, however, which would lead me to believe the bottom end of the cylinder must be similar.... Now it doesn't surprise me too much, or really prove anything, with the different years having different P/Ns. I'm thinkin' Honda possibly gives different models different part numbers, even though the parts may be interchageable. And we are talking different models here, when we talk of the '79 XR500 & the '82 XR500R.....

So I'd GUESS that they probably are interchageable, based on what I've been told, & the very little research I've done. I DO know some of the '82 bottom end stuff interchanges, & that the kickstarter shaft off the '82 is bigger in diameter (& theoretically stronger), than the '79/'80 model years. With the '82 side case, you can run the bigger kicker shaft....

Again, I'm guessing they will interchange. Maybe someone who knows for definite will come along & say for certain....


Thanks for your detailed response. I really appreciated it and will probably purchase the 79 parts!


Hey buddy, I have an 82 XL250R in the shed, which had dropped a valve seat. I put an XR250 head on it which was almost identical.

I also have an 81 XL250 which I did some head work on and I am sure the head is the same as the XR and XLR, I put the XLR cam in the XL.

The only difference was exhaust port sizes.

Hope this helps


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