Begginers: What's your way of thinking?

I will start to race this year and want to know what's your way of thinking about wining and finishing in a good position.

I mean, imagine that you are in front of a faster rider but since he (or she :bonk: ) is a beginner also, you know that you could easily take the inside lines and get away with it. Would you block your way through the moto and finish in front (not necessarily first), or just let him (or her :thumbsup: )pass (without breaking your pace) and say "Hey! He (or she :bonk: ) was faster today."?

Since I don't really care, I would probably let the guy (or girl :eek:) pass, try my best to follow the pace and see what lines he (or she :bonk: ) is using to (who knows) make a pass later in the moto or even in the next one. :thumbsup:

Just dont be an Alessi.

It comes down, to you like to get out and front and set the pace or are you a chaser?

If i was out front, of course I would try to hold off whoever is behind me, but there is only so much you can do before it gets dangerous, especially in the beginner class. If they do get by you, find a good pace that wont wear you out, and hope that they burn up their energy trying to keep their lead. In the beginner class, mistakes happen a lot, so if you keep yourself close enough, and stay smooth you can capitolize on their mistakes. Toward the end of the race, everyone is tired, and a lot of sloppy riding comes out. especially with me....haha.

i like being the chaser, but if i'm out front, you just have to put your head down and charge forward, don't worry about what's behind you, because if your thinking about something else that's not in front of you, you risk the chance of ending up on you head. but in the begginger class the rider in front of them are more worryed about who's back behind them,instead of what's up ahead of them.

in the C class is pretty easy to pass some one, because they never take the good lines, and the always go inside, and there never creative with the track! so if you go outside to inside and break later and get on the gas sooner more the likely you got the beat, and 8 times out of 10 if you pass the rider the first time, and get a lead on them they woun't go back for the pass again unless there hungry for that spot back(like the riders in the int. or pro class.)

so to answer your question, never let a person pass by, make them earn that spot! give them a fight, but don't worry about them for to long try to get you lines going good, nail you jumps and corners and get up to the leaders!

If you are leading, then the line choice is YOURS. He may be faster than you when he is in front, but can he pass? Simply being faster when out in front is one thing. Being fast when you are behind someone and getting pelted with roost is entirely another.

If you are out front, run hard, take your lines. If they want to pass, GO AROUND! Don't do any of that stupid stuff like taking the inside and then simply turning to the outside or moving across faces of jumps, etc.

If the other guy is really faster, then he will pass you.

By the way, why are you worried about this in the first place? It's like you are looking back before you ever get there. Focus on what you are doing and if they want to beat you.....come get some!


If you are a beginner, that senario won't play out anyway. Set yourself realistic goals like not crashing and improving on your position week after week until you are leading the pack out of the first turn. That's when you'll soil your shorts! LOL

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