Would like to see what you gals think....

When at a trail head/trail that is completely condensed with riders, do you:

take a trail ride with 25-30 people in your group at the same time (all ages 4-60) or do you stagger yourselves in groups of 5-7 due to the enormity of you group?

I would stagger. We were riding once and came upon a group of 27. We kept asking how many more, no one knew until the last person came through. It seemed like forever waiting for them too.

I would stagger.

Jeez 27 how do you even do your hand signals for that!!!!! Stop whip off your gloves & boots for oncoming riders!!!! Wait, 27 you would have to grow some extra fingers or toes to let the oncoming riders know how many were behind you. Hee Hee Hee!!! I don't like a big group either. I rode with around 12 on Thanksgiving. It is just too much. Either you are holding everyone up or you are waiting on them or they leave you behind or you leave them behind you get the pix. I like a handful of people 1/2 dozen give or take. I love it when just my husband & I get to ride but that doesn't happen often as someone has to watch the little ones.

Depends on the terrain and the group.

Karl and I host an annual ride on Father's Day and we've had as many as 30 riders show up for it, with varying skill levels. The trails are pretty well marked and usually we see hardly anyone else there. We state that it is an advanced ride of about 50 miles and with some pretty technical sections so skill levels are from intermediate to advanced/fast guys.

We tend to keep the group together and give everyone a map. We take turns riding sweep but if there are any riders that need a bit more help, we make sure there is always someone that tags along with them.

The rule is you have to stop at all intersections and wait until the next rider shows up, then you can go. This works pretty well but not everyone seems to understand it.

We also try to incorporate alternate routes if skill levels are too diverse and the trail system allows it.

At home we'll take the better riders on the more challenging trails while the kids or one of us leads the less skilled riders on a route that is easier but meets up with the others.

Yeah, definitely stagger. Group off by ability or how far the different groups want to ride. 27 is way too many to keep track of.

Hubby and I couldn't figure out why these people were riding like this. It's one thing if there was no one else out there on the trails, but it's another when there are over 100 or 150 people there. The trail head was friggin' packed. Good thing we know the trails well, we were able to get away from all the traffic. However, we did run in to the inevitable.......quads. Dipshits too. Blocking trails, expecting us to "go around", not signaling how many riders behind them. At times it was frustrating, but I didn't let it bother me too much.

I'd have said something ... but I'm neither patient nor kind. :thumbsup:

Hubby did as he went around.....TT doesn't allow words like that! :thumbsup:

I thought about it as I went around him too, but didn't want to start something that the hubby would have to finish! :thumbsup:

Not strong enough to kick a guys but!

I'm neither patient nor kind. :thumbsup:


i haven't seen 27 people on all the rides i've been on here in the last 2 years. i start to get annoyed when the group gets to more than 5 people.

Things get condensed when everyone is waiting for the snow to melt. Plus, the weather was really nice...that always brings out more riders.

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