SM610 Head Gasket Question....??

I'm on the fence about which bike to buy and have a few questions.

-Did Husky change the head gasket design on the SM610 in 06?

-Have they made any other improvements to the bike, regarding the ECU, or any other concerns that have been voiced in this forum?

Thanks in advance



Hi Billy,

As I understand it ,from what I've read , and seen over the past months,

the '06 model 610, is the first of the new generation of true Dual sport bikes, and is a new top end ,compared to the older 98'-'03 410 + 610 motors, which used essentially the same head as the traditional left kick race engines.

Apparently the head gasket ,and ECU problems were restricted to the first batch of bikes manufactured, and from what I've hear since this does appear the case, and sounds like an assembly problem/ rather than a component problem.

The only "recurring fault" noted is that there are too many people under

6 feet 11" buying them, and then saying they are too tall!! :bonk::bonk::bonk: ,

seriously, I have been using a year 2000 version of this bike -In 410 form-

as daily work transport, ( 40 miles a day and it has been fantastic),

the only bug -bear has been cam - chain wear, this is common with single cylinder bike run at constant high rev's, DRZ's apparently have it worst of all!!

The new model 610's have a new design of cam-chain tensioner to combat this , and Several people are already testing the softer/lower seat combinations,

Check other related posts on this bike... Charlie :thumbsup::thumbsup:

610 too tall? :thumbsup:

It sits lower than a SM450R or SM510R.

Haven't had the head gasket problem or the ECM problem. Only problem I've had is a turnsignal wire short circuit where the wires are stuffed behind the taillight assembly. This killed the main fuse and left me stranded momentarily until I popped a new fuse in. Fortunately, the 610 has a spare fuse in the main fuse block and I was able to get home and track down the problem.

When new, the 610 engine is very tight. Warming up the engine for a few minutes before blasting off might help prevent head gasket problems. Also retorquing the head after a couple of rides probably won't hurt either. The 610 does need rejetting, even with the stock pipe. It comes too rich on the pilot and lean on the needle. A 45 pilot and stock needle at the 4th or 5th position seems to help along with a 180 main. I'm running a JD Red needle at the 5th position. I replaced the stock plug with a CR8EIX and made sure that I had a good electrical ground connection before I even rode it. No stuttering/miss or surging at constant throttle.

I don't think you could call '06 610 "New Generation", big improvements(high compression piston, improvements to head and cylinder, cam chain tensioner and Keihin FCR). That is still the same single cam, rocker actuated, four valve top end that has graced left kick race and e-start DS bikes for a long time. Head gaskets were a bit more common on '06, but not every bike. ECU problem was much more limited.


The headgasket & CDI unit are not a common problem.Just isolated occurance. None of the bikes which arrived in the UK have any problems.Only thing they now quote is that you must use Premuim unleaded fuel.

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