Applied Triple Clamps

Has anyone ridden them yet? What is the verdict?

I use a set on the 450. What is your specific question?

i installed some a week ago and have ridden the bike three times now. the first two rides were on muddy tracks (it was very tough to tell a real steering improvement in these conditions) and the third time was at on a sandy/ hardpack, high speed track with long berms and good sized jumps... it felt like it turned a little better but it still did not turn as well as my other bikes. the front end on the 06 yz250f just does not have the most confidence inspiring front end geometry. i like my bikes to turn very well, right to the point of giving some high speed front end stability away... the new clamps still allowed the bike to still be very stable at high speeds but i want a better feel and response on turn in. so, im still testing tires, tire pressures, spring rates/ ride heights, valving, bar positions... i am starting to miss my 125's already...

I had a CRF 250, now theres a bike that wont turn. I tried clamps, not the fix for sure. I had to sell it.

The 06 YZF is a great turning bike, it just needs the proper set up. I found it with the proper sag and fork height in the clamps. From what I learned by putting offset clamps on the CRF 250, I would not try that on the YZF, waste of $$$.

raise the forks up about 5-10mm more and then see what happens to your turning.

Before you mess with fork height and/or new clamps, be sure your springs are right for you. Next set your clickers all to stock settings. Next, set your race sag to somewhere between 98 and 105mm trying for 100 to 102mm. Be sure your static sag is about 18 to 20mm. See what happens :thumbsup:

Once your bike seems to be turning "acceptable" (not fantastic), then begin to tweak clicker settings to dial it in. The fork rebound and compression will have an effect on how well the front stays into a turn and/or holds it, or climbs out--the rear also affects steering as well. Not enough sag and too much weight will be on the front. Too much sag and it won't seem to stick in front. Try to get a good over-all balanced feeling--you'll know it once you find the sweet spot. Also, perhaps you may need to adjust your riding style a tad because of coming from red to blue--I don't know--my last red bike was like a 1968 Honda trail 90 :thumbsup:

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