Will the 250R header and pipe bolt onto the 250X??what mods will i need to do??

as the post said i plan on buying a 250R header and muffler will it bolt right onto the 250X and what else will i need to do after its bolted on like rejet etc???

Yes, it will bolt right up. (04/05)

As far as jetting, yes you will need to rejet. Rick's site has tons of information. http://rickramsey.net/CRF250X.htm

how much of a performance gain can i exspect to see when i install the 250R header with the 250X muffler without the baffle and with stock camshafts but have the carb rejetted?

You probably won't gain anything with just the r header. If anything you'll lose low end power.

You may want to ask your questions in the 250X forum.

For X model the best power gains are from the R Muffler as it is quieter than the X muffler uncorked. The R head pipe and R muffler with the X cam may will allow it to breathe more but it gets soft on the bottom.

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