What is Northern Nevada like ?

Any good quality small to med large towns in Northern Nevada?

hmm. what do you mean by 'northern nevada' ? most nevadans (90% of whom live in vegas) think of the whole rest of the state as northern nevada. presuming this is accurate (i think it is), there are really only 3 settlements that could be considered 'cities' in any modern sense of the word; carson city, reno and elko. i guess winnemucca is big enough to have a walmart, but that's only cuz it's right on the interstate.

i live in ely, a town of about 4000 people. elko is about 180 miles away, and that's the closest town that is bigger. after that, the next towns that are bigger are salt lake, vegas (4hrs each) or reno (5 hrs). so it's pretty remote. since there's no walmart, and only 1 grocery store, people think its pretty small. they're right.

Hey mark, Fallon has about 25,000 people living in and around it and we even have a Super Wal Mart! (the big time) :thumbsup:

you don't need towns in northern Nevada, just gas stations,is there a better place to ride in the world, we got old saloons, mine sites, and just plain fun desert trails everywhere, ye haaaa

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