Thumpertalk Members - Promotional Code fixed


We need to apologize. A week or so ago we offered Thumpertalk Members a chance to play our upcoming 8 Race Supercross Series for FREE by using promotional code:

"thumpertalk" (case sensitive)

We got some feedback that some people were having trouble using the promo code. As it turns out, there was an issue with the code that would cause it to work only occasionally. We apologize for any inconvenince this caused any of you.

The issue has been completely resolved, and the "thumpertalk" promo code is back up and functional. Thank you to all who have provided information that allowed us get this resolved.

MotoXDream's 8 Race SX Series starts this weekend with the Indianapolis SX and contnues through to the fianl round in Las Vegas on March 6th. Join to play and win killer weekly prizes from Renthal, N-Style & MSR, plus a chance to win a SANO SYSTEMS or SDG USA Pit Bike.

I'm glad to see a few of you got signed up without a glitch!

Hopefully we'll get a few more ThumperTalk players and really make a battle out of this. I'll create a ThumperTalk friends division so you can battle directly with other ThumperTalk members.

Sign-ups are open NOW, and lockout for the first event is Saturday at 4:00pm PST. If you plan to play, make sure you give yourself plenty of time so you don't miss the first round.

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