Live in the O.C., Close place to ride?

Moved from L.A to the O.C. and all my riding areas (Gorman, Jaw Bone and Red Rock) are a little farther away now. Stoddard wells is about the same distance. Are there any good trails south or east of here (Lake Elsinore, ect...) that are worth trying. Don't get me wrong I will just about drive anywhere to get a good ride in but a new closer riding area would always be a good option to have. Thanks.

There isn't too much that is close by. If you have a dual sport, the local hills (Saddleback) have some fire roads to ride on, but there was a major fire up there recently and I'm sure everthing is now closed up.

If you ride tracks, there are some in the IE, but not too much trail riding. You're now closer to Ocotillo Wells, so you should definitely head out there if you've never been there. You need to stay at least one night, though, to make the drive worthwhile. It's just under 140 miles and usually takes me about 2.5 hrs to get there.

Stoddard wells SUCKS,rock heaven and waist high woops.Go the distance to cal city or red mountain.

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