Your Suspension suggestions please...

Last year I made the switch to the '05 bike I have ever ridden. However, I have a couple questions that I would like your input on:

1) with stock suspension getting better each year, is it worth the $$ to buy new suspension, or would it be wiser to save the money and purchase a new bike every 2-3 years? The '05 engine is plenty powerful, so I wouldn't buy a new bike based on the hopes for increased horsepower, but I know that chassis, suspensions, linkage, etc. all combine to make up the overall feel and handling of the bike. So the bottom line is would you purchase aftermarket suspension or save up for a new bike?

2) If you were to get aftermarket suspension, what makes one company better than another? If thay all have the same information regarding my weight, ability, and track style, what seperates MB1, RG3, Pro Circuit, or Factory Connection from a local shop? Is it parts? Expertise? Customer Service? Last year, I had a conversation with a rider who is now a top 10 West Coast LITES rider, who at the time was using RaceTech. I asked him how it was and he surprisingly responded by saying it was "all right" (in a very non-enthusiastic tone.) I asked what he meant. He said, "ya its good, but most of that is because we spend so many hours testing to get it dialed in. After that many hours, it better be good."

3) I am 5' 10" 165lbs. and I mainly race intermediate dirt tracks. On occasion in the hot summer, the track will get hard and dusty, but the dirt is generally in the intermediate condition. My ability level is inbetween the "Over 30 Junior Class" and "Intermediate". If any of you have suggestions regarding settings, or anything of the sort, please let me know. I was considering purchasing the Ride Engineering compression adjusters in an attempt to see if I could save money by trying to dial in my stock suspension, but there again I don't know if my weight and riding ability is in spec with the springs, etc.

4) My only complaint with the suspension is that the back end seems a littly hyper when coming into corners hot, and unless the berms are fairly soft, the back end really wants to whip around. Occasionally the front end will want to wash, but it's generally the back end that I have troubles with.


The Stock Setup Be Close For Your Weight But In My Opion Buy A New Bike Every 2 Years As Well As Having The Suspension Done Rg3 Does Really Good Work.

I agree with turtle189, RG3 is good, I had MB1 do mine, and have had oportunity to compare. I like my MB1, it seems more balanced. However, the suspension tuners can't control the guy turning the clickers, and the RG3 I tried had been tweaked by the owner. So the comparison wasn't really fair.

Enough things start to wear on a bike, that keeping it more then two years is often not cost affective.

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