Cam cover gasket...can you reuse?

Can you reuse the cam cover gasket? That baby cost $42.00 What are the other options?

I've had good luck reusing mine. I clean everything real well and then put a very thin layer of silicone on both sides of the gasket. It's important to have a very thin layer so no silicone ends up inside the engine. Also, make sure to use a high temp silicone. I generally use the red/orange stuff which is rated to 700 degrees. There is also black and gray that are rated to 600 or so.

I've reused my gasket about 4 times, and I have had no leaks from the gasket.

I've also reused the head gasket with no problems. I don't reuse it too many times though. I just put my bike together this last weekend and used a new head gasket.

Ditto for the right side cover. Same silicone treatment, except the gasket doesn't come off. In fact the reason that I reused it is because it is so hard to scrape off! I've done that many times with no leaks.

Ditto cleonard, works great.

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