E-Series disk question

When you guys quote how many disks you're running, am I assuming correctly that includes the spark arrestor plate?

I run all the discs as it shipped and the arrestor, been running it about a year and VERY happy !!!

Was this a dumb question :thumbsup:

I think you want to know haow many disc.people are running not counting the spark arester. Its not a dumb question.

I've got one and I don't really know. I'm pretty sure it comes with 12 discs + the blank disc (spark arrestor) + end cap. For the most part 12 is the most common.

I run all the discs as it shipped and the arrestor, been running it about a year and VERY happy !!!


It cracks me up when you go through tech inspection at a race and the guy tries to stick the small rod in your exhaust to check for a spark arrestor screen....and hits the endcap. Usually it's a new guy and he can't figure out why there is no hole or how the exhaust is coming out for a few seconds. :thumbsup:

I guess I'm more interested in how many disks with a spark arrestor as opposed to how many disks without a spark arrestor. For example; someone might say "I run 12 disks with the spak arrestor and I have found that is the equivilent to 6 disks without the spark arrestor". Does anyone run with no disks, just the end cap? WB used to have a snuf-r-plate endcap that opened two holes in the plate.

White Bros e-series. My way of thinking is that the spark arrestor is in there, if you're doing anything but racing. I have 7 disks: by my definition these are the round things you add or subtract to fine tune. I also have a noise baffle added to that (which probably adds a "disk"), arrestor and end cap.

My opinon only.......but what you are trying to do is add or subtract disks to get the air flow correct for your jetting, altitude, bike specific tweeks, etc. it's all tied together. There is no right number for all bikes. The only way I know to get it all in balance is to check the spark plug color. Yea there's lots of steps to get it all close (easy starts, smell of exhaust, acceleration) but the plug is the key when fine tuning and it takes a lot of trial and error including adding and subtracting disks. You need some back pressure for lower rpm's and again proper fuel to air ratio if you want smooth slow speed. If you're WOT all the time and always racing maybe a straight two inch pipe would work.

Then again maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

Then again maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

LMFAO! :thumbsup: Does anybody ever really know what they're saying in these posts...

Remember, less is more and more is less, low end power that is. Less discs = more low end & less noise. More discs = more top end & more noise. Keep that spark arrestor in there, too. Don't want to make Ranger Rick's day and ruin yours in the process.

So back to the original question...is it a given the arrestor plate is in there when someone says I run 8 disks? If I were to take out the arrestor is there any benefit using a few disks too?

I think for the most part people use the end cap arrestor plate. It is an integral part of the Supertrapp design. If you don't, there is no need to run discs. The air will not be forced through the discs if there is a giant 2" hole to go through. Without an endplate, you will be hard pressed to see any difference from 1 disc to 12 discs and you'll basically just be running a straight pipe.

The Pig likes to breathe. Assuming everything is fully uncorked, run ALL the discs included, and the arrestor plate. You can try the snuf-r cap if you like, but don't run without some arrestor plate. With the stock carb at sea level, you will need to run a 65s or 68s pilot, and a 172 or 175 main. Run the stock needle in the 3rd or 4th clip position. I ran the richer of each of those settings. There is room to do a little fine tuning if you like, but that worked great for me in NW Florida, right on the Gulf coast. Throttle response won't be perfect for the stock carb, but it will get up and go anywhere in the RPM range.

One more thing. For sound purposes, I bought the WB quiet core insert and experimented with running as few as 3 - 4 discs. The pipe is basically as loud as with 12 discs, you just don't have the throttle response.

Without the internal baffling that the stock pipe, and other quiet pipes use, the E-series will never be a quiet pipe, so don't bother too much trying to play around with sound output. All the discs is the sweet spot.

The good thing is that the pipe has a very low frequency thump and sounds mean as hell. Not real obnoxious sounding at all, but the low frequency will carry, just like the hoodlum driving by with the dual 12" subs kicking.

Good luck.

Snaggle you must mean me, the hoodlum with the 2 subs driving by!!

I just order mine for my e-series pipe and according to the guys at White Bros they said 12 disks plus the end plate is the sweet spot.

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