XR650R or L shorter seat

I have a xr650l that is too tall. I have read all the post on the lowering link and on a corbin seat. I was looking for a less expensive route like cutting the preexisting foam. Has anyone done this before? Is there any cheaper lower seats out there?

I didn't remove any foam, I added some in between the foam and seat pan. It's pretty easy to do. You could slice off some foam with a razor blade.

Dont mess with the seat, you will be sorry. You could add a rear lowering link and drop the fork tubes a bit to match. I just put the link on my rear, lowered about an inch. I didnt lower the front since I am running a Teraflex, the rear was already an inch at least higher than stock. So now its a lil lower.

The guy that cut down my friends seat used a regular old breadknife with a sregated edge. He had a shop full of tools but said nothing he ever tried worked better.

Personnally I would get the link. He has a WR and his seat is so hard.

I've cut 2 seats down....The seat cover is held on with staples that you can replace with a heavy duty staple gun....Pull off the seat cover starting at the back and leave the front attached. I used an electric craving knife...Nothing works better....Shave off about an inch at a time until you are satified. Get the foam as smooth as possible before putting the cover back on because any high or low spots will show. You really need an extra set of hand to stretch and hold the cover while you staple it...

can someone help me with a link to the service manuals for the 01 xr650r. I have a oil leak in the top end.


D-37 Dez's

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